Burnt Tongues

Burnt Tongues is a collection of transgressive short stories hand-selected and edited by Chuck Palahniuk (Author of Fight Club). The first tale in the collection is Neil Krolicki’s story of three teenage girls who make a suicide pact.

120 Doses

120 Doses is a neo-noir comic based in the fictional metropolis of Port Drogo. Where the most lucrative underground business is the radical changing of criminal identities through drastic reconstructive surgery.


120D Complete & Submitting!

Apologies on the update slacking, but I've been banging the drum for the new fiction anthology in which my story 'Live This Down' is included. Did I mention it was hand picked by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, for inclusion? Yes, I did. About a thousand time...

Burnt Tongues Shipping Now!

The pre-orders of Burnt Tongues are arriving on doorsteps already - do you have yours? If not, please help some new authors by putting this in your Amazon cart. Thanks to everyone who's already ordered and I'm anxious to hear your feedback. -Best...

New ‘Booklist’ review of Burnt Tongues

Medallion Press just passed along this early review of Burnt Tongues from Booklist - getting closer now!   BOOKLIST   Issue: June 1, 2014   Burnt Tongues   Palahniuk, Chuck (Editor) and Thomas, Richard (Editor) and Widmyer, Dennis (Editor)...

Medallion Press – The Ink

The 'Burnt Tongues' anthology comes out this August (but you know that because you've already pre-ordered it, right?) And the good people who rolled the dice on publishing this collection, Medallion Press, reached out to the contributing authors to ask us all a...

Final trims of the scalpel

First pass of colors is complete and the issue looks gorgeous! I'll post some pics as soon as we're a little closer. Thanks for checking back, please visit 120 Doses for continued updates and follow us on all your favorite social sites!

Chuck Palahniuk’s Intro for Burnt Tongues

THE POWER OF PERSISTING: AN INTRODUCTION BY CHUCK PALAHNIUK My favorite books are the ones I’ve never finished reading. Many of them I hated the first time through: The Day of the Locust, 1984, Slaughterhouse-Five. Even Jesus’ Son occurred as something so odd that I...

120 Doses in ‘coloring’ phase

I've passed the inked pages to our very talented colorist, John Rauch,  and we should start revealing teaser images very soon! Be sure and check out John's amazing work at his Deviant Art page and his Tumblr.  More very soon -...

Citizens Unite! Illustrations

I was fortunate enough to get tapped by a very talented artist friend of mine, Scott Brooks,  to illustrate some backgrounds for an animated short. Produced for the Center on Congress, the piece was devised to educate young folk about the values and responsibilities...