I was fortunate enough to get tapped by a very talented artist friend of mine, Scott Brooks,  to illustrate some backgrounds for an animated short. Produced for the Center on Congress, the piece was devised to educate young folk about the values and responsibilities of being a US citizen.

Denver’s own Milkhaus Productions tied the whole deal together with brilliant editing that earned them a ‘Telly Award’ for excellence in animation. (Which will look pretty good next to the OSCAR they won for a documentary called ‘Saving Face’)

You could easily make the case that this is the most ‘Rated G’ project I’ve ever been a part of, but it was a blast trying to channel the vibe of the old school animation greats for scenic inspiration.

Here’s a sample of the finished piece:

See the full video at the Center On Congress website:


Peep the amazing work Milkhaus puts together here:


And don’t miss the chance to see Scott’s portfolio, the guy is awesome: