120 Doses is a crime thriller set in the near-future metropolis of Port Drogo, who’s most lucrative local trade is erasing the identities of ruthless criminals through radical reconstructive surgeries. Offering way more than tummy tucks and fingerprint scrapings, kingpins and thugs alike make brief stays here where the pools of self-appointed surgical gurus perform batteries of extreme procedures far from “sanctioned” by any legitimate medical institution. A dual protagonist story, we follow the tribulations of a disgraced young writer looking to redeem himself by unearthing Port Drogo’s secret industry under the questionable guidance of a veteran mobster battling to take down the criminal syndicate he helped create before his aggressive blood disease eats him alive. A cocktail of hard-boiled crime thriller and medical horror story, our two narrators are constantly trying to keep their heads above the treacherous criminal waters they’ve thrown themselves into.

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120D Complete & Submitting!

Apologies on the update slacking, but I've been banging the drum for the new fiction anthology in which my story 'Live This Down' is included. Did I mention it was hand picked by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, for inclusion? Yes, I did. About a thousand time...

Final trims of the scalpel

First pass of colors is complete and the issue looks gorgeous! I'll post some pics as soon as we're a little closer. Thanks for checking back, please visit 120 Doses for continued updates and follow us on all your favorite social sites!

120 Doses in ‘coloring’ phase

I've passed the inked pages to our very talented colorist, John Rauch,  and we should start revealing teaser images very soon! Be sure and check out John's amazing work at his Deviant Art page and his Tumblr.  More very soon -...